Anonymous asked: When will you start posting Halloween edits? :)

I don’t even know if I post much this year.

Last year everyone posted thousands of edits that was horrible haha ;D But probably around the 20th :)

Anonymous asked: Kaitlyn twitter icons please?

Added some <3

Anonymous asked: Are you taking icon request yet, love? xx

Yes! :D

Anonymous asked: what is your sharpening settings?


(it’s either 50 or 100)

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Anonymous asked: what effect do you use on your edits?

This & then smart sharpen

Anonymous asked: Hiiii, I was just wondering how we would give you credit for your icons? :)

Don’t worry about it! You don’t have to credit me :)

Anonymous asked: Some new Nikki Bella twitter icons? <333

Anonymous asked: What are some good, new women's wrestling edits tumblr blogs?

I don’t know about the new ones tbh, I only follow these blogs :)

Anonymous asked: can you please do more maria icons for tumblr and twitter?

Here & here :D

Anonymous asked: yours, divaedits and divasdaily are my favorite divas blogs. I love your edits and how you arrange everything with tags & everything:)

Awww thank u so much, babe! :D