Anonymous asked: How s do you make an small digital(say 2008) look bigger like the ones now?

I don’t think you can, unless HQs of course. 

Anonymous asked: What size do you make your tumblr and twitter icons?

tumblr: 100x100

twitter: 245x245

Anonymous asked: How do you make icons? thx

here’s a tutorial :)

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Anonymous asked: i have a question , where do you find your scarlett bordeaux pictures?

Her twitter/twitpic & google! :)

Anonymous asked: where did you get that new picture of barbie?

Here <3

Anonymous asked: what psds do you use/ where do you get them from?

I get them from charmingcoloringdrunkandcoloring but I use my own psd the most (:

exceldesire asked: Ur favourite all time 2 favourite divas, mine are kelly kelly and maryse ouellet.

Melina and Trish <3

Anonymous asked: Who is your favorite NXT diva?

Paige & Emma :)

Anonymous asked: About how many messages do you get a day

Most of the time it’s either 3, 6 or 10 haha :D <3

Anonymous asked: Top 5 current divas

Aj, Natalya, Layla, Naomi & Aksana <3